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2001 Age-Specific and Sex-Specific Analysis of High-Resolution Ultrasonography in Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis
阮春榮 薛俊仁 黃智旺 劉昌憲 秦嗣騏 李明勇 郭彥良 吳清俊 余之泳 陳震宇 周定遠
J Med Ultrasound
2002 Morphologic Manifestations and Urethral Function in Female Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: Correlation between Ultrasonographic and Urodynamis Studies
J Med Ultrasound
2007 Morphologic Association of Female Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms with Anterior Vaginal Wall Relaxation in Primary Urodynamic Stress Incontinence
楊振銘 楊淑惠 黃文貞
J Med Ultrasound
2009 To Predict The Progression of PR to RA: The Role of Ultrasonography and Anti-CCP antibodies
陳信華 陳得源 謝祖怡 洪國棟 藍顥章 謝佳偉 藍忠亮
J Med Ultrasound
2011 Decreased Mechanical Function of Left Atrium Assessed by Speckle Tracking and Tissue Doppler Echocardiography in Patients with Congestive Heart Failure
Wei-Chuan Tsai蔡惟全, Yen-Wen Liu劉嚴文, Yao-Yi Huang黃耀毅, Liang-Miin Tsai蔡良敏, Li-Jen Lin林立人,
J Med Ultrasound
2016 Role of Left Atrial Reservoir Strain Rate in Left Atrial Remodeling in Severe Mitral Regurgitation
Li-Tan Yang 楊荔丹, Wei-Chuan Tsai 蔡惟全, Chwan-Yau Luo羅傳堯, Yi-Heng Li李貽恆, Liang-Miin Tsai蔡良敏
J Med Ultrasound